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About Us has been created by Mat Jones (Yes, one "t").  Mat is a 30+ year veteran of the printing and converting industry, with experience in capital equipment sales (narrow web and wide web flexo, lamination, and gravure) and also some experience with consumables sales as well.  Mat has worked and sold for some of the most respected companies in the industry…..  Bobst, Pamarco, Praxair, Stork, to name a few, and has also been an entrepreneur as an independent rep for several foreign narrow web flexo press manufacturers. 

The idea behind is to provide the Narrow Web Industry, specifically, with a direct buyer-to-seller, open to all, on-line,  virtual marketplace to facilitate the listing of, and bidding on, used equipment.    

  • is completely FREE for Sellers to list their items.
  • Buyers pay a minimal 5% buyers fee in addition to the item price.  

The site has been designed to make high priced equipment transactions easy, safe, and inexpensive.  A binding contract is created between Buyer and Seller on the site during the listing and bidding process.  Once a listing is successfully purchased, the final payment arrangements are made through the on-site communication system with the Seller sending the Buyer his/her preferred payment method and instructions (where to send a check and who to make it payable to , and/or bank information for a wire transfer). exists to provide the platform to bring Buyers and Sellers together.

A totally online experience. No need for a visit to view a machine.  Stay safe with a virtual demo.

  • Sellers are provided the opportunity to add a self-made YouTube video link to their listings, essentially creating a “virtual demo” for potential buyers.
  • Potential Buyer’s can, and are encouraged to, ask questions of and request information from Sellers through communication channels provided by the site (communication outside of site provided channels is prohibited), thus generating more confidence for making buying decisions.
  • PDF documents, like a list of tooling, maintenance history or other electronic documents that could be helpful for Buyers to view can also be up-loaded to your listing.

Since is dedicated to the Narrow Web part of the printing and converting industry, Buyers visiting the site will not have to sift through hundreds of unrelated listings and can easily and quickly brows familiar equipment listings.  And, Sellers listing their items can be assured that traffic attracted to the website are highly likely to be Buyers that are specifically interested in Narrow Web processing equipment.